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On-Side Construction, Aerial and underground utilities

         Welcome to On-Side Construction.
    On-Side is a Nixa Missouri based utility company that specializes in communication construction.  We have all the equipment and manpower needed for a turn key operation.  Our primary revenue is generated through the installation of fiber optic, copper and television cable.  Although, we also install electric, water, sewer and gas utilities in the southwest Missouri tri-state area.

       What we can do for you.
   Here at On-Side we have  6 directional boring machines.  One is a Ditchwitch 3020 All Terrain which is only used for drilling solid rock. A case 6030 which is used for boring 1200' long and reaming  and up to a 28" hole, so far!  The other machines are built for shorter more confined road bores, but are still capable of boring up to 400'.  (In southwest MO rocky/clay)  We also have several backhoes and mini excavators large enough or small enough for any job.  Don't forget about the plows, trenchers and rock saws.  We even do aerial line work.  Like I said, we can do it all!

       We are ready to help you.
    Now that you know a little about us, please give us the oppertunity to assist you in your next project.  I am certain that our team working side by side with yours will lead to a sucessfully completed project.  We look forward to helping you out in any way that we can.

    If all you need is a Directional bore done, then look no more.  We do several water, sewer and gas bores of all sizes. Don't hesitate to call. 

        Mission Statement: 

                        Quality   Appearance   Perfection!

PO Box 2125
Nixa, mo 65714    

         Mark Anderson

175' long 18" Solid rock bore  for sewer at 1.45% grade!
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